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Business Mentoring

Do you have the in-house expertise to deal with every challenge facing your business?

Have you got a business idea that you're struggling to develop or launch?

LocalMarketing are proud members of the Local Enterprise Specialist Mentoring Panel. Our Founder and Managing Director, Clem Walshe, has worked successfully with local and international brands adding a wide range of valuable skillsets and guidance to their management teams.

His expertise has assisted companies navigate their way from initial set up and launch to implementing change, launching new strategies or simply dealing with the vast array of day to day challenges that face businesses in a constantly evolving economic climate. 

Support services include:

  • General Business Audit

  • Time Management & Priorities

  • Business Strategy Calendar

  • Smart Marketing Plans

  • Digital & Offline Channel Strategy

  • Effective Sales Management

  • Maximising Margins

  • New Business Launch & Development

  • Business Branding

  • Successful Management Skills

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Customer Service Issues

  • Telephone Training Skills (Call Centres)

  • Effective Retail Window Displays

  • HR & Staff Training 

  • Presentation Skills

Why not get in touch with Clem today and give your business the chance to reach it's full potential?


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