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PR & Media Buying

Do you know the key media players in Ireland?

Can you consistently source the best value advertising in Ireland?


The LocalMarketing team has excellent, long standing relationships with many of the key Irish travel and trade media. Client press releases are regularly communicated to both the Irish consumer and travel trade media to increase brand awareness, generate a positive profile and ultimately drive more business in the Irish marketplace.

All too often we witness international brands investing valuable marketing spend in media channels that are simply not a good fit and deliver poor value. Our strategy is simple, we select the most suitable media channels then focus on targeted campaigns that accurately measure returns against the level of spend. We then adjust campaigns based on the efficiency of each channel as opposed to just continuing to spend for the sake of spending.

Our media buying strategies have an excellent track record at coming in under budget and generating a positive ROI to ensure our clients enjoy great value high profile brand visibility across the most appropriate Irish media channels. We know what channel suits best, when to spend, how much to spend, and where clients will get the maximum impact for that level of spend.

Services Include:

  • Local Media Relationship Management

  • Engaging Brand Press Releases

  • Crisis Media Management

  • Local Press Events & Entertainment – Lunches, Dinners, Groups & 1:1s

  • Press Trips

  • Media Planning & Advertising Calendar

  • Media Buying – Digital & Offline

  • Media Management & Monitoring

Why not take advantage of our expertise and give your PR and media presence a boost? Our team can provide your brand with a wide range of cost effective strategies to suit your Irish media requirements and ensure you’re getting the most from your valuable marketing spend.

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