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SME Marketing Support

Don’t have time to give enough attention to your marketing strategy?

Need some key skills at your disposal?

It’s a common story that you hear from business managers across the country. “I just don’t have the time or resource in house to work on our marketing at the moment”. If this sounds familiar you are most likely in a position where a critical business function such as marketing has taken a back seat. Don’t miss the chance to grow your business and avail of all the opportunities that may lie waiting for you in the market. provide custom solutions to support businesses across the full spectrum of industry. Whether it is fully managed digital marketing, project based support or top level marketing strategy and development; we can be your dedicated outsourced marketing department providing cost effective solutions for your company.

Key Benefits:

  • Time: You get to focus all your energies on the daily operation of your business. We understand the successful development of any great product or service requires the smart time management of every single resource at your disposal.

  • Money: You reduce the cost of hiring and training in-house marketing staff on a full-time basis by outsourcing key functions of the business to a dedicated team of experienced marketeers.


  • Expertise: We have a combined sales and marketing experience of over 60 years with extensive skills to support any business looking to introduce smart cost-effective strategies to improve future performance. Our core areas of expertise include Travel and Tourism, Hospitality, Leisure, General Retail, Start-ups, Sports, Public and Members Clubs, Construction and Professional Services.

Our wide range of dedicated SME support services include:

  • Overall Marketing Strategy

  • Website Audit & Support

  • Content Management

  • Social Media

  • Email Marketing

  • PR & Media Buying

  • Staff Training & Call Centre Support

  • Customer Service

  • Trade Representation

  • 3rd Party Commercial Co-Operation

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Project & Event management

  • Presentation Skills

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