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Digital Marketing

Is your Digital Marketing Spend Efficient?

Have you a Clear Strategy for every Digital Channel?



Digital marketing covers a broad range of categories to introduce, grow and convert your target audience. PPC can drive excellent traffic and can be a very productive channel when managed effectively. For larger companies the challenge is to ensure their PPC spend is efficient and they’re not wasting valuable marketing resource. Smaller companies need to adopt a smarter approach in order to compete with cash rich multinationals who possess the in-house resources to dominate this channel. The LocalMarketing team work closely with clients of all sizes to successfully manage digital campaigns that deliver a consistent level of efficiency.

Relevant web content and solid SEO make a huge difference in ranking and overall site performance. This can be supported with several other strategies including Blogs, PR, Social and E-mail marketing campaigns. Building Irish social and email databases provide businesses with a valuable platform to connect directly with local consumers. The LocalMarketing team will create engaging product updates and sales driven communications that support the overall brand development strategy.

A strong Irish social media strategy can play a significant role in your company’s marketing plans. Used correctly, it can create a strong brand connection with both existing and prospective customers. The key to getting positive results from any social media campaign is to have a clear road-map that supports other channel strategies and deliver a consistent engaging message to the correct target market.

Digital Marketing Support Services:

  • Web Audit

  • PPC Management & Support

  • Content Strategy

  • E-Mail Marketing

  • Database Development & Management

  • Social Media Strategies

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