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Cost Effective Business Solutions That Deliver

LocalMarketing provide a wide range of cost-effective business solutions for Travel brands, SMEs and International companies operating in the Irish market.

Our proven formulae consistently deliver success and a positive return on investment for our clients.


Experienced insight and advice on how to take your business further, deal with challenges and identify opportunities.


Develop multi-channel strategies that maximise operational efficiency & generate a positive return on investment.


Expert consultancy for national and international travel agents, operators, airlines, airports and more.


From creation to launch, we ensure your brand is aligned with your objectives & stands out from the competition.


Dedicated mentoring & business development strategies allowing SMEs to outsource key areas of expertise.


Tailored support across a wide range of digital channels including Social Media,
PPC, SEO, Email Marketing.

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Why choose us?

  • Diverse experience in both Traditional and Digital Marketing

  • Tailored Business Mentoring Solutions

  • Committed to improving client return on investment

  • Extensive Public Relations background

  • Proven success in launching brands to Irish market

  • Excellent network of local supplier contacts

  • Long standing experience in the Irish travel industry

  • Member of Local Enterprise Specialist Mentoring Panel

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